Wednesday, May 14, 2008

I guess it had to happen

That is, if I'm going to running around like a headless chook* (as we so gracefully say in the Antipodes) at some point I'm going to fall over. This happened last week. I cancelled everything and stayed home wondering if someone had pinched some of my nailclippings and was shoving a red-hot needle through the head of a voodoo doll that looked just like me. Not a sensation I enjoyed particularly, I have to admit. In any case, the culprit was isolated yesterday: an infected tooth, which has been summarily removed by a very nice dentist. The relief is beyond words, and all I can say is that, for all its disadvantages, I'm very glad I live in the 21st century...

Apparently this tooth has been infected for a long time, and I suspect it might have been making me feel unwell for a while. With any luck my general health with be less dodgy after this. In any case, I'm officially convalescing, and thinking that I might be able to tidy my desk, catch up on some correspondence and maybe even instil some order into my life... though that might be a little ambitious.

The new Australian releases of the first three books are now out in the shops, and in some cases, in large numbers... Borders seems to be giving them a huge push, with a three-for-two offer on the first three books. Which is actually a bit exciting. And I believe the Australian pub date for The Singing is now July. Pub dates seem to be changing all over the place, so when I have straightened my desk (a massive job) I will send a few emails to publishers to get the latest news.

But I agree: The Singing is taking too long! One fan is so impatient she's written her own version, which is presently running to seven chapters. In the meantime, Walker Books has put a teaser - the new first chapter - up on their website as a downloadable pdf. I actually can't wait until it's out, it never feels finished until you can hold the book in your hot little hand...

* Australian for "chicken"


Ink Mage said...

I agree that it's taking way too ling for The Singing to be released! It's now been moved to March 2009 in the US.

Mallie said...

Hey Allison!

Oh you poor thing. An infected tooth? well at least its all fixed now and you're okay :)

I've been compulsively checking the release date for the Singing at work (similar to what I often do for Twilight and several other series') and the latest date I have was June 30. Of course I'm sure you know better, but I don't think I could wait til July! I just don't!.. Penguin's website says June 30.. so thats promising, yes?

Anyway, get better soon!

xx Mallie

Seneca said...


Alison, I feel really bad for you. I admit, I can't empathize, but I know people who have gone through the same thing. I'm glad you're better now.

I almost started crying when I looked on Amazon and saw that the release date for The Singing in the US wasn't until 2009. I don't know how I'll live.

Thanks for keeping us updated.

Rain said...

I'm glad you're feeling better. A rotten tooth does not sound like fun.

And, one question. Was The Singing originally going to be released in the US in '08? Or has it always been '09?

Amy said...

2009!?!?! Oh No!! I have been waiting and waiting. I love your writing.

Ashley said...

Ah an update! It's so good to see! That's horrible about your tooth however, sounds painful. :( Seems like you cold have used a little time off though. I can't wait for your book to release!!! I can't read the teaser on the Walker Books site; I know it'll be too much of a tease and I'll be left drooling on my keyboard wondering what I did it to myself. :P

Abigail Vawter Fitzsimmons said...

How do we live until 2009! xD Poor people in the US, doomed to love fantasy written by "foreigners," doomed to wait for US versions... lol.

It's great to hear that you're feeling better, Alison. I know infections seem to permeate your whole body and can make everything a lot worse, so it's good that you got that taken care of!

Are you going to do a book signing tour in the US? I sure hope so, and if you are, you must come to the midwest ('cause there's lots of bored people here in farmland that read your books LOL). I'd drive hours to meet you and get my books signed!

But really, 2009. That is bad. :-P

Alice said...

tis me!! wow!! I am honoured!! Thanks for linking my story!!
I was so excited when I saw it teehee

hope your tooth feels better

Erin La Rue said...

This is off topic of me, but as I've just found your website, I wanted to stop by and say that I LOVE your books! I can't wait for The Singing to come out! Keep up the amazing work, I hope you're well!


Rain said...

I read your fanfic, alice and I really liked it! Especially the M+C part. :)

rei-cirith said...

It's taking SO LONG!
I bought the second and third book while I was in Hong Kong, only to return to Canada and realize it hadn't even been released there yet.

I have relatives coming from HK early July. Hopefully stores it will be out in time for them to pick it up for me... Otherwise I'll have to wait at least another 3 months! (But 2009? WHAT!) :(

ashbar said...

Wow!! I hope your mouth is dong better and you haven't found of any signs of the infection spreading! I am dying of anxiety here... as I wait, wait, wait and WAIT!! AHhhh! YOur books intrest me so much I need to read them 24/7. I am looking forward to The Singing! Knowing you, I know it will be just as satisfying as the other pieces you have written! :)

ashbar said...

I realize that I just left a comment, and as me, being someone who always forgets the impirtant thingfs that I really need to say, and yet.. still forget. Will you be touring in the US at all? Like around Chcago?? PLEASE inform us if you are!! I would kill to see you!!
Best Wishes

Andy said...

You can order it directly from Australia now on the Buy Australia Book Store

It's pretty expensive for international shipping, but it beats having to wait for another year in the States :)

Seneca said...

AAAAAHHHH!!! Thank you, andy! This is awesome! Price has no limit when it comes to getting The Singing and getting it NOW!!
Thanks for writing, Alison!