Monday, January 14, 2008

Happy New Year!

Yes, I'm still here, and gearing up to the challenges of 2008, which look - from this end, anyway - as demanding as 2007. There's a long list of tasks on my desk at present, and I doubt it is going to get any shorter. Not that I'm complaining! I'm in the very fortunate position of loving what I do.

One thing I did on my Christmas break was to make a much-needed overhaul of my home page. Which was fun - I like mucking around with web pages almost as much as I like playing video games. Some of you might be interested in an essay on fantasy I wrote a couple of years ago, just after I finished The Riddle. It's longish, but it explores some of the reasons why I like writing fantasy, and why I think it matters.


Mallie said...

I wish you good luck for a challenging 2008 then! But I'm certainly glad you like what you're doing, I know I like what you do :P

About the website, I remember you had four sample chapters of the Singing up there before the overhaul, and now I just can't seem to find them... have you had to remove them because you're doing the editing and the book is released this year? I know sometimes its a copyright thing or.. Well, just wondering. They certainly helped to tide me over, that's for sure.

Alison Croggon said...

Yes, I've taken the links out, so the publishers won't sweat the copyright. On the other hand, knowing that fans who have seen them before will scream, I've left them up for Those Who Know. You can still access them here. The first chapter, btw, is now different, so there will still be a surprise when you actually read the book! :)

Mallie said...

Thanks so much Alison :)

Yeah, I thought it was something copyright orientated.

The first chapter is different? I shouldn't be happy about that, but I am, because the number of times I've read the sample first chapter only to find nothings different.. its actually kinda boring. So I look forward to the surprise!

Thanks so much :)

Seneca said...

I like the new home page. It actually surprised me because I wasn't expecting anything different. I like it a lot, though.

Alison, I like your essay. It helped me understand fantasy a little bit better. I have a greater respect and comprehension of the work that goes into writing a fantasy novel. I guess it isn't just something you do 'whim-bam-boom';something that just becomes what it is without so much determination and effort. Wow....

It got me thinking, you know...
Bye, everyone!!

squeezy said...

Ms. Croggon,
I was at my local bookstore browsing for a great book. I ran across a book with an interesting title, "The Naming". I am a science fiction/fantasy addict and this caught my interest. I have since devoured all three of the books in the Pellinor series. I have been constantly surprised and pleased with the quality of your writing, the uniqueness of the story, and I am fascinated with the depth and breadth of the fantasy. Thank you so much! I have recommended this series to my children, friends, and colleagues. Kudos to you!
Diane Spransy (squeezy) an unfortunate nickname given to me by my husband.