Sunday, December 16, 2007

Wish fulfilment

Another post! Well, I'm spending today catching up on Pellinor stuff. One of the things I didn't expect when I wrote these books was the creativity of the readers - they've generated some gorgeous fan act and fan fiction (and some frankly bizarre fantasies, as well!) And now they're moving into videos.

Anyway, today, courtesy of a reader called Icelands on my sffworld forum, I post for your amusement a fake trailer for The Riddle. (A harbinger, perhaps, of Things to Come - one of the questions I am most often asked is when the movie is going to be made, so maybe in the next five decades...) I hate to think how many copyrights the video contravenes - it clips from practically every fantasy movie ever made - but Icelands has nicely put a copyright notice at the end. And I rather like it!

Oh, and while I'm at it - Walker Books has put The Singing in its catalogue, with Patrick Insole's wonderful cover. So I thought I'd post that too. Sharp-eyed Bardic experts will notice the map behind the image, which gives some hints on where the story is, as it were, going...


bard s said...

wow, nice im the first person to make a comment!!!..

good stuff

passionblack3 said...

Ha, I suppose you may be surprised, but passionblack3 and Icelands are one and the same.

So...thanks for posting my fake trailer up, though I don't think it's terribly good.

bard s said...

happy new year Alison and evry one!

Alice said...

omg that trailer is absolutely brilliant! inspired! wow...

Leslie said...

oh my God
that was so funny
wish I had sound
man, that was totally awesome man! do one for the Gift
oh mygosh I am still laughing... but I shouldn't be
mom's still asleep
and whats the covor design look like for US?
I saw the Crow in Barnes and Nobel the other day and I helped a girl with the series she was lookigna t it but B&N didn't have the NAming
they NEVER have it
so I still only have 2 and 3

Alison Croggon said...

Hi Leslie

How odd that B&N stock the later books but not the first. You must ask them where it is!

katie said...

ireland calling!
im just wondering have you been approached by anyone to make the pellinor books into a film series?
it'd be deadly!
i can't wait for the next book , they're great!
katie x

Alyss said...

Hello everyone

I love the trailer it is so amazing awesome . . . . . wow

i REALLY wish to know what does the cover for THE SINGING look like in the U.S.

i am curious is this Compelling series going to be a Movie????

and also which i your favorite book

just asking

Anastasia said...

Isn't Cadvan supposed to be sad and the guy in the trailer is too happy to be Cadvan. And Maerad is supposed to be 16 years old not twelve!!!

Nyx said...

I just wanted to let you know of another fansite for the Pellinor Books!

It is called Edil - Amaranoh and the web address is:

Alison Croggon said...

Many thanks Nyx - I've put it in the sidebar!