Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Pellinor web page

Exciting news from my US publishers Candlewick, who are putting together a special Pellinor website. (This is thrilling for me: a website designed by proper designers? Wow! I can't wait!) They're planning to include audio interviews, Q&As, fan features and other goodies. I expect it will be launched to coincide with the release of the gorgeous hardback edition of The Crow this September. I'll keep you posted.


Jennifer said...

Sweet! Party dance!

Chris' Girl said...

Alison, that's so exciting! :D I can't wait to check it out - and buy a copy of the Crow. Curse those multiple versions! xD

I hope the Singing editing is coming along well!

Rhi said...

Sounds like another pellinor website I will be staring at for hours =)
It's great that the pellinor books are doing so well, they could be the new (and better) Harry Potter books!
*Takes crown from JK Rowling's head and gives to Alison*

eowyn336 said...

I can't tell you how much I enjoy your series. I am a huge lotr fan (I have read it 5x) and I like you're books more. Cadvan is my favorite character of all time. I sure hope he doesn't get killed off. All of maerad and cadvan's conversations are so well written!! I have underlined all my favorite parts. Anyway, can you explain how maerad cares for Cadvan: a father figure, just a friend, or a lover? least at the end of The Riddle. Another questions: Did Aragorn of Ltor or Galadriel influence you at all in writing the characters of Cadvan and Ardina? Thanks for all the hard work you have put into these books (you probably get this a lot); it was definitely worth it.

Chris' Girl said...

...I don't think Alison is going to answer your question about Maerad and Cadvan until you read the Singing (the last book). She'll wrap it up some way, I'm sure ;)

rnb_shaker said...

Hey alison and every1 just wanted to say how much i luv the books. I recently fell of my horse and i was in hospital for four weeks after a nasty incident including a hedge cutter, my spine and concrete floor! im now confident that i can recite each book with my eyes closed after reading them four times already lol. I cant wait anylonger for the singing its driving me mad! lol You can email it to me if you want i promise i wont show it to anyone lol!
keep doing what you do!
luv lucy (UK)