Wednesday, July 18, 2007

First post

I've decided to start this blog for a couple of reasons. The main reason is that I don't have batallions of secretaries (ok, one would do) who can answer my mail for me and - pathetic though it sounds - I'm getting very behind on answering my fanmail. I can't even keep up with my SFFWorld discussion forum. And I'm beginning to feel very guilty.

This is partly disorganisation, and partly that I'm incredibly busy. I have too many lives: I don't just write fantasy books, I also write poetry (I ought to be working on my next collection right now), edit an online magazine called Masthead (which I'm also feeling guilty about) and spend a lot of my time at the theatre - a passion of mine - which I review for the Australian newspaper and my review blog Theatre Notes. And sometimes my family likes to see me, too.

Meanwhile, lots of things are happening with the books. And my webpage is getting more and more out of date. A blog seemed to be the answer for all these problems. So here it is.


bard s said...

Hi Alison,well I just hope that one day you settle in one job or as you recall(life)and rest for a bit!
Life's to short for being in stress all the time(this might be weird coming for a 14 year old).

Can I ask you something? How many children you have and how old are they?

Just wondering!

bard s said...

I know this is kinda butting in,but,you should spend some time with your family(they would miss you a lot).

you may wonder how i know this,well i kinda know how it feels for your family. You see my dad is always working....if im luky i see him 2 houres a week,and it stinks trust me,so i thout i should just tell you.

ps:if you have time please anser my questions.