Thursday, July 16, 2009

Maerad as a red head!

And now, Portugal! I thought I had mixed up Spain and Portugal (for which neither nation would ever forgive me). But no, the Pellinor books are coming out in both places. Thanks to the Google ego alert, I stumbled across the cover for the Portuguese edition of The Gift - which translates into O Dom - and it looks pretty groovy. In one of the mysteries of cover art, Maerad has transformed into a rather pretty redhead, but she certainly has a Bardic eye.

Babelfish translating service also serves up some wondrous translatorese. "The Bertrand goes to edit “the Dom”, of Alison Croggon, Australian writer who already gained diverse prémios with its poetical workmanship, beyond being finalista of two Aurealis Awards," says the web page. "The first book of Alison Croggon published in Portugal, intitled the Dom, counts the history of a child who loses the parents in the war of Pellinor. Maerad, the child, comes to discover that it has one I astonish Dom, but does not know what to make with it. When it is only discovered by Cadvan, one of the great bards of lirigion, the truth of its inheritance is disclosed and Maerad will know that it has to survive to the forces of the darknesses. On this book it wrote the Bookseller that is “… a magical history that in remembers Tolkien to them. It is a full adventure of passion, cativantes personages and scenes of enormous beauty. The Dom is a powerful history and marks the beginning of a magnificent Saga fantástica."

I also does not know what to make with it, but those cativantes personages are Go!


Emily Cross said...

Hahaha! Aw you have to love those translators lol.

the cover is beautiful though!

Anonymous said...

"...the truth of its inheritance is disclosed and Maerad will know that it has to survive to the forces of the darknesses."

I love how they refer to Maerad as 'it'. Hahaha.

Hope you are well!

-- Shadowjhunter

Lys Lys said...

I don't know, Maerad as a red head? I like her black hair better. Though I must say it is a beautiful cover.

Wow that is quite the translation, LOL.

Meganu said...

Maerad as a red head.... Hey! She matches me! Woohoo! Ha ha. Well, maybe they melded Sylvia, since she has auburn hair, with Maerad. How odd....

Anonymous said...

Hello Alison!

Hope you are well.

This semester, at ACU in Melbourne, I am doing a subject called Women in Australian History. Our major assignment is to interview an Australian woman who is experienced in a certain field of study (however recent). Since I am a literature student, I would very much like the opportunity to interview you and your works; poetry and the Pellinor books. I am very interested in how you began your career as a writer, and if applicable, how you overcame certain challenges. The assessment is not due for another five weeks, but I thought I'd make the request now, in case you were unable to do the interview. Rest assured that I will send you the questions in advance so that there are no surprises on the day.

Hope to hear from you soon!


Alison Croggon said...

Hi Patrick - of course! I am a little pressed at present for various reasons but would be happy to. Probably best to email me -

Tinkerbell said...

im from portugal and i have seen that book in stores and im so going to buy it!