Friday, September 14, 2007


Brilliant news from Penguin Books Australia, who are my home publishers. They're planning to repackage the Pellinor books, relaunching the whole series a few months before The Singing is released mid-next year. And they're planning to use the Walker Books covers (right), which will be familiar to UK readers.

I'm very fond of these covers, which are designed by Patrick Insole. Assiduous Pellinor readers will be familiar with Patrick as Professor of Ancient Languages of the University of Leeds - when I asked him to help me out, he also designed the Treesong runes for me. (This might surprise some of you, but I have absolutely no visual imagination.)

As for The Singing, Draft 2 is now in hand. As usual, there is an extra chapter to write (this has happened three times now: it's always either at the beginning or the end. In this case, it's at the beginning). I always enjoy editing and rewriting: I get the buzz of writing the book without the panicky feeling that I might never finish it!


Rhiannon said...

I am glad draft 2 is done!
Good luck with finding the perfect begining!

Anonymous said...

Off Topic, but:


*Hands cake and chocolate*

I hope you have a wonderful year. :)

Alison Croggon said...

Thank you Ellira!

I had a totally lovely day. I did no work at all, and that was brilliant!

Vivian said...

Oh, oh my! I do wonder at how odd you might find this one, singular high school fan commenting on your blog, but I must say that I am simply glowing with joy to know that the Singing is already in Draft 2! I so eagerly await its release here in the States, though I suppose I could always get away by ordering from the UK...!

Please keep up the stunning work!

Molly said...

I'm jealous. I like the cover designed by Mr. Insole better than the cover on the US books. But as long as i get the books, i'm happy. =) Keep writing, Ms. Croggon. You're amazing.

bard said...

alison,is there going to be a fifth book???if not are you going to carry on writing books of edil-amaranoh?

alison croggon said...

yes bard, i am going to carry on edil-amaranoh books. I think my next books are going to be called lirhan