Friday, August 3, 2007

Excuses, excuses

The moment I get some free time, what happens? I catch a cold, that's what happens, and instead of cheerfully checking off my "to do" list, I hang around in my attractive dalmation dressing gown (yes, white with black spots, stop laughing) and grizzle at my family. I've had to cancel several outings this week so I can huddle by the heater and feel sorry for myself. I feel like a hypochondriac old lady, and although my kids will confirm this description with interest, they've been as ill as I have, so they're on shaky ground. So this is why my promised post on writing hasn't happened yet.

Anyway, in between blowing my nose and grumbling, I've been doing various things (Top Secret Things To Be Revealed In Due Course) for the upcoming Books of Pellinor website that Candlewick Books is now putting together to coincide with the US release of The Crow in September. It's all very exciting and I can't wait to see what they do with it. And my editor has given The Singing the thumbs up (the quote is "come up trumps"), which is excellent news. She is a great editor and I trust her instincts. Of course, after that she tells me there is more to do, but I know that already...


eowyn336 said...

This post describes why I read your books (not the only reason)-there is always a hidden humor in misfortune. Cadvan is sarcastic and he most often (at least in the beginning) laughes in the face of danger. At least, because of the way it is written, it is almost concealed-as to avoid cheesiness. I applaud you!!! Sadly, in this case, it is your own misfortune and yes, I can see that your kids would chuckle at your description, even though they are sick themselves. Well, I hope you feel much better. Colds are huge pains and often seem to be stuck with. Anyway, it is so exciting about the news from your editor about The Singing and it seems like the secret project for the site is going to be great!! Get well soon!! Lots of hot tea!!!

Erin said...

I can't wait for the final book's release! My best friend and I are probably some of your most hardcore American fans; she ordered The Crow from the UK as soon as it released instead of waiting for the US edition. I cannot wait to read the final chapter in Maerad's adventure. Thank you for the story!